I'm Marina,

the founder of the Munich Shoebar and I'm glad you're here!

I've had a dream since I was a teenager
own store - and now, in 2022, realized! The year before, I gathered all my courage, quit my marketing job in the fashion industry, started the concrete implementation, and now we are here! :)

It is important to me that everything the Munich Shoebar offers is personally selected by me with the greatest care.
The Munich Shoebar is intended to offer a unique shopping experience in shoe heaven and be much more than a conventional shoe store - a place where you like to go, linger and maybe even enjoy drinking a glass of champagne while browsing.

The focus is on selling shoes, but in the spirit of a concept store, gifts, jewelry,
Accessories and other treasures for design lovers are offered.
Special treasures that are not otherwise available on every corner, with a fair price-performance ratio and always with a trend factor, should be the trademark.

I hope that every customer has the feeling of having found something special, in a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere and I am personally advised by the founder, i.e. me :)

Collaborations with other great founders, events and campaigns always take place at the Munich Shoebar to bring people together, support each other and always discover something new!

I'm looking forward to seeing you and everything else that's coming up!

Love, Marina